Unfortunately this trailer doesn’t shed any light on what was already known, just adds the visual of the game itself. We see the backside of the seven cowboys riding off.


Six years have gone by since the original Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead was a masterpiece of a game. I can’t say I know of anyone in my social circle who has not played it. And if I find someone that hasn’t…

On to the news. The date was October 16th when Rockstar began to tease us on the Tweeter. An image with the Rockstar logo overlayed on a red background. We knew…

The next day, they tweeted out another image. Seven silhouette figures, hillside, and sunrise. Side note, last August an alleged former Rockstar employee suggested that the game would feature multiple protagonists, which now seems legit.

On the 18th they officially confirmed it was in fact Red Dead Redemption 2. As well as an estimated release date, Fall 2017. AND a trailer will be released on Thursday the 20th at 11am EST!

From the info that has been gathered so far, RDR2’s timeline will take place before the original. Which would mean John Marston could return. Looking closely at the final image, the man in the center bares quite the resemblance to Marston. My only concern now is the PC player base, as only PS4 and Xbox One were confirmed. Is PC getting shafted again? And that my friend, is why you should own more than a gaming rig. But that’s a story for another time.

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